• God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday Helpers

    God’s Work , Our Hands Sunday brought out the awesome people from three congregations to The Gathering Place.

    A BIG THANK YOU goes out to:

    • All Saints
    • Calvary
    • Gloria Dei

    Lutheran campus ministry deeply appreciated their support and the work done.  THANKS !!!!

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  • Timber!!

    On Tuesday, September 13th, we lost one of our big oaks that was 125-150 years in age. We were blessed that when it decided it was time to fall no one was walking on the sidewalk.


    Also, the tree fell between two parked cars.


    We are so grateful to the Oshkosh Police and the Forestry Dept. for the service they rendered.


    It sure was an exciting morning and afternoon. Thank God for no major damage or injuries.


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